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Shopify is one of the most popular hosted solutions today, and for good reason. It is easy to use and highly editable, with its unique Liquid Code. If you read our SEO Tech Trouble article, then you already understand that SEO and SEM as we know them, are under fire – and Shopify is no different.

Like most hosted solutions (or internet tech), it has fundamental flaws from an SEO standpoint. We simply remove those flaws, add our own proprietary code structure and begin traditional website optimization and marketing.

Our Shopify SEO code was built for two purposes:

The First: To allow perfect Shopify optimization. Our stores are market leaders. Not “some”, all. Performing in the top percentile of their respective market segment.

The Second: To reduce cost of optimization. The average fee to our clients for a market dominating presence on Shopify is around $1,900. Yes, you read that correctly.

Our Shopify Recommendation: A robust and easy to use cart system, with a brilliant way of handling “collections” – in that products are tagged, and/or simply searched for by the software. Allowing you to create & manage category content and unique product layouts in a few clicks.

Biggest Flaw with Shopify is not a major flaw, but its cost over time is high. Apps and add-on modules, while plentiful, are costly. Due to the fact Shopify is not open source, and you have some limitation to make major changes, these add-ons can charge a lot more than Magento for example, where core code changes are easily done.

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